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RGC Media, Inc.
Video Production Services Information
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HD filming 30a and south walton

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On location aerial filming over destin florida
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RGC Media, Inc. - Filming Equipment

We shoot primary videos, interviews, and production stock with three full HD cameras fully equiped with cinema quality production mounts and enhancements. We utilize full scale HD professional camera rigs. These cameras offer filming redundancy with standard tape backup and Ultra SD Flash recorders, an Anton Bauer battery back, a Chrosziel 401-64 rod adapter with 15mm rods for filters and matte bozes, a Century Precision .7x zoom though wide angle adapter on Fujinon lens. Our primary camera is a HD Workhourse producing stunning full cinema quality video!

Our secondary cameras also provide full HD with integread shotgon boom mics on a shock mouts. Both feature a shoulder mount stabilizer and steadicam rigs for handhaeld action motion shots. These cameras include adaptive lens filters, wide angle modifiers, and lens hoods for outdoor flare control. These cameras are rugged, on location, full HD rigs delivering amazing cinematgraphy!


RGC Media, Inc. - The Importance of Technique

RGC Media Inc. will put ourselves in locations to “get the shot.” We will dive, fly, climb, scale, enter, scout and find the angles that set our productions apart from a cookie –cutter media productions.

Why have we spent so much time outlining our equipment? Simple; versatility yields the greatest results. Any company can go out with a handheld HD camera a shoot a simple interview and facility video. The difference with high quality, professional outcomes is versatility. We can capture any shot, from any angle, under any conditions. We can reproduce computer based special effects. We can deliver a versatile complete production that exceeds others. That is the key. When selecting a production company, ensure they have the ability to capture quality, unique video, cinema style, compelling still images, and follow-up with high end post production.

We deliver all of this at prices that are affordable and reasonable, often far below the competition. You may find a lower bidder, or less expensive production firm, but without question you will sacrifice quality, customer service, and production value.
We will be there in every capacity to make the shot. Creativity and stunning visual elements are our focus. Doing this requires willingness to personally “Own” the production. No sacrifices are made. No excuses. We will work to capture every element, every angle, and every opportunity to deliver an amazing production at an extremely affordable price point.

This is what we do. This is how we operate. Hands down, 100% quality, creativity and compelling production is our way of life. We can and will deliver for you and your unique production needs! We will go where others won’t. We will utilize all of our tools, talent and experience to get the shot. We will be there for you without hesitation!

Don’t sacrifice quality, versatility, and final outcome. Ensure the company you select can deliver more than “talking heads” with interesting backgrounds. Ensure the company you select is willing to make the effort to bring more than you ever expected.

Video Production - Jib Crane Videography

A camera Jib allows cameras to capture low level elevated shots with movement. This is ideal for shots starting at eye level that then slowly eleveate. In doing this we create drama with our cinematography. The camera starts low on a focus element and rises to reveal an elevated perspective.

As the camera rises, the shot reveals a massive facility and manufacturing shop floor. We use a 12ft. jib that allos for sweeping interior elevation shots, rising suspensful cinematography, and beautiful wide captures of internal operations and landscapes.  A jib offers the opportunity to capture footage that simply cannot be duplicated with a drone or simple elevated tripod.

Video Production - Underwater Filming

At RGC Media, Inc. we also employ the use of underwater / waterproof camera housings. Our primary underwater housing is rated to 130 ft. and offers full camera controls. This is impotant as just a simple underwater bag, or casing can prevent a camera operator from adjusting zoom or focus. With our equipment we have the cinematic control out of water as we do underwater. Including full HD filming!

Our waterproof and underwater options also include ION, and even iPhone casings. This can let our cameras into the tightest spaces. This can be extremely useful in capturing complex operations. For example, we can shoot CNC Waterjets, Chemical Dip Tanks, and even firefighting operations without worrying about the water spray. Imagine a fog nozzle opening up on a wide patern, narrowing til the streams impacts the lens.

Video Production - Action Camera Filming

ION camers offer a tremendous opportunity to capture very creative footage. A waterproof ION can be placed inside tight locations for ultra close highsped and slow motion filming. The ION addition to a camera package adds versatility that is vital to ensure every aspect of production can be documented in true HD quality.

Through the creative use of ION cameras we can mount a camera to a machine, crane arm, vehicle or even a fire helmet to capture that first person perspective from the point of view of process. This creative and unique cinetagraphy gives productins incredible added value because it allows viewers to capture perspectives from places most human cannot go!


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Our photography services are professional and we specialize in natural light and candid location shoots.
we can provide complete photography services from shooting, to post production, to marketing image deelopment!

We pride ourselves in our customer relationships. We work closely with our clients on all projects whether it is aerial drone video for real estate or custom web design. That is perhaps the essence of RGC Media, Inc. You enjoy personal attention that seems increasingly more elusive in today’s market. Our customers and clients are our marketing team. This is why we aim to exceed your every expectation whether we are it is for a simple logo design or a full custom video production. We can help with branding, graphic design, full video and media production, television commercials, custom website design and more. Contact us today and take the first step in bringing your project to reality!

RGC Media, Inc.
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